Auditing at CU Boulder

At CU Boulder you can attend regular college classes. Auditing means you can join the class and it fulfills the visa requirements towards credits but you will not earn credits towards a US degree. The cost is $250/semester (not per class). You need to start attending the class of your choice when it officially starts (Spring 2023 starts after MLK weekend), and ask the professor if they will allow you to audit. You need a signed permission letter from the professor to complete your audit registration. I link the class schedule below. Please make sure to read the overview as well and keep an eye out for classes that you CANNOT audit.

Auditing Summary/Overview

Auditing Application Spring 2023

Auditor Instructor Permission Form

Spring 2023 Class Schedule

Other Local Options

Arapahoe Community College (located in Littleton)please note that Ed2Go online classes DO NOT count

Weekend Classes

There are lots of fun locations and topics for the weekend classes. I recommend registering early since those classes will fill up. Please note: the travel day an au pair needs to take off work to get to the weekend class CANNOT be considered a vacation day.

Au Pair Weekend (San Diego, L.A., San Francisco, NYC, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Tampa FL, Boston, D.C.)

Classroom Au Pair

Silver Bay

Art Exploration in April (Colorado Springs)

New Orleans, Photography in NYC, Washington D.C. and San Francisco