Hi everyone,
It’s been a tough cold weather season so far in regards to illness for many people. Since we already had a few sick au pairs needing to see a doctor and I’m guessing there will be more soon, I wanted to send some reminders and summary regarding the au pair insurance.
Every au pair is covered by Erika insurance with works with Aetna student health, so any doctor and medical place that accepts Aetna will take the insurance.
The insurance covers sick visits and injuries, NOT annual wellness type visits or pre-existing conditions.

Finding a doctor

Au pairs are strongly encouraged to find medical care within the Aetna network. It will be less expensive and easier.

Go to culturalcare.com/doctors to find an in-network doctor, walk-in clinic, urgent care center, hospital, or medical specialist. We advise going to the emergency room only in case of a true emergency. An emergency room visit will be more expensive and will often have a longer wait time.(King Soopers walk-in clinics work as well: https://www.kingsoopers.com/health/clinic)

Print your insurance card (if you haven’t had or lost it): www.culturalcare.com/coveragecard

Important:At a medical appointment or when speaking with a billing office, be sure to note that the au pair’s coverage is in the Aetna network (the doctor may not recognize Erika). All au pairs have travel insurance coverage while participating in the program. If there is an issue confirming the au pair’s insurance information, call Aetna at 1-800-783-7447 to confirm the au pair’s coverage.


If an au pair is receiving care in the Aetna network, the au pair should only need to pay a deductible. The deductible may be paid either at the time of the visit or may be billed to the au pair after.

Prescriptions are paid for up front, and the cost can be claimed with Erika.

For information about what is covered , contact Aetna at 1-800-783-7447 or erika@aetna.com. To file a claim visit www.erikainsurance.com/claim.


The deductible* is the amount an au pair pays for treatment or services before the insurance coverage begins. An au pair should expect to pay the deductible at the time of the medical appointment.

When visiting the emergency room, au pairs will pay an extra deductible in addition to the normal deductible. If it is not a true emergency, it is best to go to an in-network doctor, walk-in clinic, or urgent care center to save the cost of the emergency room deductible.

In-Aetna-network: $35
Out-of-Aetna-network $95
Additional amount for ER visit: +$50

*The deductible amounts are subject to change.


Au pairs pay for prescription medication up front and may then file a reimbursement claim with Erika. All pharmacy receipts must be included with the claim (the cash register receipt and the medication information label attached to the prescription). To check if a prescription will be covered contact Aetna at 1-800-783-7447 or erika@aetna.com. To file a claim visit www.erikainsurance.com/claim.